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What is Electro Acupuncture Medicine and why is it the medicine of the future?

What is Electro-Acupuncture Medicine and why is it the MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE (Part 1)?

*Fun fact: Cloning sheep did not work until adding electricity!

#1) Not all electricity is created equal.

An electric current is the rate of flow of electrons (charged particles) moving through an electrical conductor or space.

*The machines that trained advanced electro-medicine practitioners use are far more specific than any other tissue stimulation machine because:

  1. They are the only ones specifically made with the proper voltage in order to correct the inner terrain of the body, allowing healthy cellular regeneration to occur.

  2. They are alternating current (AC) only.

  3. They are made for needles in order to cross the least conductive material (skin) and input directly into the acupuncture channels/epineural coverings.

  4. They use very specific frequencies that match: biological tissues, Beta-endorphin, neuroinhibition, Substance P inhibition, Norepinephrine/noradrenaline, dynorphins, serotonin, ACTH, dopamine, GABA, phlegm and more!

*They are not to be confused with TENS, NMES, FES that you might see or use with pads that work on the outer layers of tissues to reduce pain and muscle weakness which can only mask the pain for short durations of time or can be biologically unsafe to use with needles due to using direct current (DC).

#2) Basic anatomy and physiology

What are the most electrically conductive tissues of the body? (In order)

  1. Fascia

  2. Epineural covering of nerves (acupuncture channels)

  3. Blood & fluids

  4. Interstitium (all places that expand and contract, where a “shock absorber” is important to protect tissue)

  5. Nerve fibers (central portion)

  6. Skin

What is fascia?

  • A superconductor

  • Unidirectional (DC only) wire of electron flow

  • Surrounds all skeletal muscle

  • Links muscles together

  • Provides a wiring system throughout body

  • Can travel into the nucleus of the cell

What are epineural coverings of nerves?


  • They are the power supply for all the tissues of the body.

  • Most channels (all but 1) flows in 1 direction = DC only

  • ***Acupuncture channels are the power supply for the body. They supply electrons to cells, organs and tissues.

What is blood and fluids and why is it important to consider for disease?

  • Supposed to be free flowing

  • A patient with clumping blood seen under a microscope would potentially be considered healthy from a blood test. Blood cells need to travel in single file in order to travel through capillaries. (see slides) Lack of blood flow can lead to peripheral neuropathies and other chronic conditions.

  • Blood PH should be 7.365 exactly to be healthy. A PH of 7.365 = -20.8mV of electrical charge. Any slight variation of this PH (ex. 7.59) is already considered the beginnings of disease by an electro-acupuncturist and can be fixed by fixing the electrical charge. There can never be too many electrons or too negative of a charge in the acupuncture channels!

  • 1 single electro-acupuncture treatment can have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health up to 3-4 months later due to increasing the zeta potential of the blood! (The degree of negative charge on the surface of a red blood cell)

**See Blood droplets below after only 1 acupuncture treatment with 2 weeks between treatments. Notice the change in clumping blood cells, the brighter/healthier white blood cells and nuclear changes.

What is muscle tissue?

  • It is piezoelectric. Meaning they generate electric fields when compressed or stretched.

  • It acts as a rechargeable battery.

  • It is a generator of electrons.

What is mitochondria?

  • They generate and store energy.

  • They are membrane-bound cell organelles that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell's biochemical reactions.

  • Chemical energy produced by the mitochondria is stored in a small molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

What are nerves? (in relation to acupuncture channels)

  • They provide a path FROM acupuncture channels into organs and tissues.

#3) ALL disease can be considered a deficiency of electrons.

What are electrons?

  • Particles with a negative charge

  • Function as antioxidants

  • They are plentiful in both the earth and batteries

  • They are the power source for all human living cells

  • They are the single most potent healing force in this universe

  • Electrons play an essential role in numerous physical phenomena, such as electricity, magnetism, chemistry, and thermal conductivity.

  • They participate in gravitational, electromagnetic, and weak interactions.

  • Electromagnetic fields produced from other sources will affect the motion of an electron.

  • Electrons radiate or absorb energy in the form of photons when they are accelerated.

  • One electron generates around 30–32 ATP molecules

What is ATP?

  • Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a nucleic acid that provides energy to drive and support many processes in living cells, such as muscle contraction, nerve impulse propagation, condensate dissolution, and chemical synthesis.

  • It captures chemical energy (electrons) obtained from the breakdown of food molecules and releases it to fuel other cellular processes

  • Each ATP molecule gives 7200 calories of energy


#4 Electro-Acupuncture is the perfect delivery system to potentiate repair and reverse diseased tissues and heal the terrain within the body.

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